Dasamsa - Swargamsa


Parasara says that this chart indicates “Mahat Phalam” Mahat (big) Phalam (fruits) - things of great value shown by second, sixth and tenth bhavas : the result which indicates the standing and status of the native in society on account of the interaction of fate and action.

Calculation of the Dasamsa chart: The divisional chart based on the 10th division of signs is called Dasamsa or Dasamamsa or Karmamsa or Swargamsa.
- Each sign is divided into 10 equal parts.
- If the sign is odd, the 10 parts of the sign go into the 10 consecutive signs starting from the sign itself.
- If the sign is even, the 10 parts of the sign go into the 10 consecutive signs starting from the 9th sign from the sign in question.
- Example:
a) Odd sign counting: Counting starts form the sign itself - the 10 parts of Leo go into signs from Leo to Taurus
b) Even sign counting: Counting starts from the 9th sign - the 10 parts of Scorpio go into signs from Cancer to Aries.

1. If Dasamsa Lagna is aspected by benefics, it becomes strong then it may be assumed that career of the native stands on a good base provided
2. If powerful Sun is posited in upachaya houses aspected by Jupiter, native is likely to get
recognition and eminence in career.
3. If Dasa lord is strong in lagna chart and poised to give good results but lacks adequate
strength in Dasamamsa, such Dasa lord may create uncertainties, under critical sub – periods. A sub dasa lord unfavourably placed in Dasamamsa from Dasa lord and afflicted with malefic may even temporarily hold up anticipated results.
4. Planets in tenth house in Dasamamsa during their ruling periods will better the prospects of one’s career.
5. If there is no planet in tenth house in Dasamamsa, then its lord during its ruling period will confer honour to the native.
6. Planets aspecting lord of tenth house in Dasamamsa should also be considered powerful with respect to one’s profession.
7. The period of planets in kendra of Dasamamsa will be a mile stone in one’s career.
8. Status and smooth carrer with many sources of income: Tenth lord of D/1 chart must be strong in D/10 chart.
9. A strong lagna of D/10 in D/10 chart assures a profession or vocation.
10. A strong 10th house and 10th lkord in D/10 chart makes the native an expert in his work.
11. A strong Sun in angles gives a) high status, b)government job with high income, c)administrative power d) far sightedness and e) power.
12.A strong and well placed Saturn gives support from subordinates, workers political career,, gains from underground mining, iron and steel, etc.
13. A strong Moon gives est and zeal to work.
14. Promotions : strong 10th house and 10th lord in their dasha periods, lagna lord and exalted planets.
15.Planets in angles give good results.
16. Planets in upachaya houses indicatre hard work to obtain good results


1 The Lagna of the D-10 chart shows one’s true nature in career. It also shows new beginnings, perception of one’s career. A strong lagna lord is necessary for a strong career or vocation.
2.The 2nd house shows the resources of wealth, status, speech, etc. accessible for one’s actions (including wealth and speech); investments and group whilst second lord shows supply of it and assembly which you belong to.
3.The 3rd house shows initiative, creativity and communications skills, agreements and communications, whilst third lord shows short journeys.
4.The 4th house shows the overall sense of comfort and happiness in career investigates property, office, business located and the lord shows personal secretary
5.someone you trust, very close and essential.
6.The 5th house shows employees in business, the popularity and following one commands. When it is strong brings higher promotions. Fifth lord shows immediate subordinates
7.The 6th house shows service, staff functions and competition, its lord brings enemies causing harm and loss.
8. The 7th house shows partnerships and business and public relations. If the lord is:
i) Mercury, then an agreeable personality
ii) Jupiter, then good counsel
iii) Mars, then challenges of all sorts
iv) Saturn, then criticism
v) Malefic having connection with 7th lord, then there will be bad public relations and creates controversies and jealousies.
9. The 8th house shows occult and concealed activities, problems in career and finding new avenues to further one’s career.
10. The 9th house shows Dharma followed in one’s Karma and direction received; law and ninth lord stands for guide and advisors.
11. The 10th house shows one’s general activities and sum total of one’s activities.
12. The 11th house shows gains made in vocation, friends in group and the lord shows training development.
13. The 12th house shows losses and giving things away (charity), secret activities against one’s career.
Service or business :
If the 6th house is stronger than the 7th, one will be in service. If the 7th house is stronger than the 6th, one will be in business. If houses and lords are strong and well-placed then one meets with fortune related to that part of work. Job/buisness connected to strong graha (avastha) will be a source of success and money. Neecha graha can bring skill and finances but also lot of stress.

In “Predicting with Dasamsa”, P. V. R. Narasimha Rao states:
1. Dasamamsa chart can identify reasons causing delays and momentary dissatisfaction in profession.
2. Dasamamsa Lagna shows renown related to vocation, Lagnesh shows mind-set and purpose in work
3. D-10 shows one’s professional actions as well as other activities in society related to hobbies and interests.
4. The 10th house in the Rasi chart is also important for judging career as it shows the physical Karma (actions) of the native.
5. The strength and placement, in D-10, of the 10th Rasi lord is an important factor when judging career.
6. If the 10th lord is in own sign or exaltation sign or a quadrant or a trine in D-10, one will have a good career.
7. In addition, we should look at the D-10 placement of the planets involved in any Raja Yogas present in the Rasi chart.