Trisamsa D30


Trimshamsha Chart is seen for misfortunes which ones faces in life.It also indicates the weaknesses in one's personality.When everything is going on well & some mishap,calamity,accident or reverse flow is faced by a person is seen from this D30 Chart.The source of misfortune or miseries can be natural disaster,from profession,accident,from children,family problem or property disputes,etc.The Trimshamsha is the indicator of these sources.We should refer to the relevant charts along with Trimshamsha chart for confirmation & timing of the misfortune.
Examination of D30
1) A strong lagna & lagna lord assures problem free life.But no chart is perfect & is not free from miseries of life.
2) Look for a planet which is in lagna or aspecting lagna in rashi chart.Now,if the lagna of the D30 Chart belongs to that planet,then this planet is the cause of problem.In addition,if the same planet is in D30 lagna or aspects it,then it is worst.
3) To cure the problems caused by a planet,one should worship the D30 lord of the planet.We can also locate the D30 lord of 6th lord & 8th lord of birth chart & perform remedial measures.The D30 lord of the dasha period indicates the remedies during the dasha period.
4) A malefic sign rising in D30 & in addition,a malefics is associated with lagna in birth chart gives problems in marriage.
5) Placement of planets in 3 houses of D30 are important & should be examined closely.Planets in lagna shows the weakness acquired in current birth.The lagna lord shows the nature of weakness.Planets,specially malefics,shows the mental weakness.The Moon sign lord indicates the source of influence on mind under which the action is taken.Planets in 8th house are the weakness due to past life.The lord of 8th house shows the source of this weakness.