In Vedic Astrology there are so many parameters at play when it comes to time of birth. Thus even twins who seem to have been entwined at birth end up with different destinies. Enormous research needs to be done in this area of astrology to understand the intricacies of such charts. Twins are generally born 1-5 mins apart from each other and even their charts differ in case of higher divisional charts. The Vedic astrology in its current renaissance period is in the infancy stage, so it will take many hundred years before we understand such finer principles of astrology.
The divisional charts or higher harmonic charts just like the nakshatras are a unique aspect of Vedic astrology. Every human being irrespective of where he is born on this planet will go through shodasa kriya’s in his life or there are 16 aspects of his life that hold utmost importance. These 16 aspects of life are attributed to the 16 astrological charts of the native. So it is just not one chart that an astrologer needs to study before the prediction but he has to study the remaining 15 divisional chart before arriving at an answer. Please refer to the table below in-order to understand the importance of these divisional charts.
Division Sanskrit name Area of life Division in degrees Approximate Influence of time-change on lagna
D1 Rasi Physical body 30 120 mins
D2 Hora Wealth and nourishment 15 20 – 90 min
D3 Drekkana Siblings 10 10 – 45 min
D4 Chathurthamsa Great fortunes, property, assets 7 1/2 40 – 45 min
D7 Saptamsa Progeny and dynasty 4 2/7 27 – 28 min
D9 Navamsa Spouse and marriage 3 1/3 13 ½ – 21 min
D10 Dasamasa Power, great deeds, profession 3 3 – 6 ¾ min
D12 Dvadasamsa Parents and ancestral karma 2 1/2 3 – 3 ¾ min
D16 Shodamsa Emotional well-being, luxuries, vehicles 1 7/8 4 ½ – 7 ¾ min
D20 Vimsamsa Devotion and Spiritualism 1 1/2 6 ½ – 8 ½ min
D24 Siddhamsa Knowledge 1 1/4 7- 8 min
D27 Bhamsa Strengths and weakness 1 1/9 6 ¾- 7 ½ min
D30 Trimsamsa Fatalities and accidents 1 6 ¾- 7 ½ min
D40 Khavedamsa Auspicious and inauspicious events 3/4 4 ¾ – 5 min
D45 Akshavedamsa Events with greater purpose 2/3 4 – 4 ½ min
D60 Shastyamsa Fine tuning all events 1/2 3 – 3 ½ min

How to read Varga Chakras

The first column refers to the simple name indicating the division. The second column is the Samskritha name associated with the division. In Vedic sciences, the names have very high importance and just understanding the Samskritha terminologies will reveal volume of information related to the topic. The third column refers to the important indications of that divisional chart. The fourth column refers to the division in degrees and the mathematics behind erecting a divisional chart. The fifth column refers to how many minutes it takes for the ascendant to change from one sign to another. For example consider two people who are born 5 mins apart at the same hospital. Both the natives will have the same rising sign say Virgo in the D1 chart but when you examine the D60 chart, their ascendant signs will be different. One may have a Capricorn rising and the other person may have an Aquarius rising because the ascendant changes signs every 3 – 3 ½ mins in the D60. Due to this both the natives will approach life in very different ways, the Capricorn native may even have a bigger build and long legs, a characteristic of Saturn and very hard-working while the Aquarius native may have a medium build and have humanitarian tendencies. Since the D60 is the chart that is used for fine-tuning all the predictions about a native, both the individuals will have different lifestyles. Analogously the other people born at the same location who are born further apart in time will have different ascendants in the other divisional charts. One may refer to the above table to understand how quickly the ascendant changes in the other divisional charts for such natives. Since the ascendant changes very quickly in the higher divisional charts,twins will have major differences in that particular sphere of life where they have different ascendants in that particular divisional chart.

How to Read Trisamsa: [Source from Sri Pandit Sanjay Rath]

1. Treat this like any other chart. In spiritualism we are taught of a “SHADOW SELF” called PAPA_PURUSHA which is a reflection of our own self, but the darker side which includes all the negative things we have done for ages and many births. This is the trimsamsa..the shadowy world of our self. Hence, the Sun and Moon do not own any trimsamsa as they have light.
2. Second thing is to study this chart for all the bad things we have done for which we deserve to be punished or taught lessons. The 12th rules hospitals and is the 5th (Mantra) from the 8th (Diseases). Hence the 12th house shows the way to get out of diseases and other such bad karma. It is the future (5th) of the 8th house.
3. A Saturn placed in such a place is not good as it delays the recovery from diseases, makes the effect of the mantra nil due to mistakes or “NOT WORSHIPPING GANESHJI” before starting a mantra can render it useless unless Guru is very strong. In this manner study the houses with focus on the 8th house (ROGA: Diseases & RINA Debts) and the 6th house (SHAD RIPU: Six kinds of weaknesses). In this manner the houses should be studied.
4. The 9th house (Dharma) from the 8th house is the 4th house. Thus, happiness and laughter (ruled by the 4th house) are the best natural medicine to get out of the cycle of disease and debt. A clean heart is the key to happiness & laughter. Venus (fulfilment of desires) gives happiness & Mercury gives laughter. Moon is the natural significator for the 4th house and becomes the Controlling planet for good health and freedom from diseases. In this manner the planets should be studied.
5. The Arudha pada of the sixth house gives the body part that shall be afflicted due to the diseases.
6. Venus rules the Mritunjaya Mantra and the strength of Venus in this division is important for recovery from diseases. The Sun and the Moon represent the Atma (Soul) and the Mana (Mind) respectively. Affliction to the Sun will result in suffering, poverty and misery while affliction to the Moon will cause ill health and death. Since Mars and Venus rules the signs of exaltation of the Sun and Moon, they represent the Physical and Mental strength of the native to cope with distress, disease and other evils respectively.